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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the starting point for getting on the road. On successful completion of CBT, 16 year olds can ride 50cc mopeds restricted to 30mph. Aged 17 or older the limit becomes 125cc and not more than 15 bhp.It’s a legal requirement for all learner riders and MUST be completed before anyone can ride a motorcycle or moped on the road. The exception to this is if you passed a car test before February 2001, in which case you will have a full moped licence that entitles you to ride a moped. A moped is defined as being not more than 50cc and not capable of more than 30mph. Please call our school number 01444 441969 if you would like more information or advice on licence entitlement.

We offer a complete package that will ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the day and complete the course with our friendly and professional instructors. The course can be carried out on either your own machine or a school bike, and these can be either scooters or geared bikes depending on your requirements.

All courses at Bike Smart are based on making riding a bike both fun, and more importantly safe. With that in mind the course schedule is adapted through the day to match the riders on the course. One of the first things you will learn will be how your instructor has their tea, this is important after all! Once the first brew has been made they get down to the serious stuff.

The CBT starts at  08.30, so a full day of bike riding awaits!

  • 08.15 – Arrive, make a cup of tea and have your paperwork checked.
  • 08.30 – Introduction to the CBT course begins with covering the basics of protective clothing and the law relating to motorcycles.
  • 09.30 – Go through the controls on a motorcycle and learn basic maintenance checks.
  • 10.15 – Kit Up and proceed to the training area to learn basic handling skills, such as moving away safely, stopping and turning. This section covers all the basic handling skills required for going out on the road later.
  • 12.30 – Lunch – There is a Sainsbury’s nearby in Haywards Heath with a killer deli.
  • 13.00 – Back to the classroom for the Road Briefing – this covers all the legal and safety aspects of riding on the road.
  • 13.45 – On to the public roads with an instructor for at least two hours to put all the training into practice! You will be in radio communication with your instructor during the ride and will experience a wide range of road conditions to build up your riding experience.
  • 16.00 – On successful  completion of the course a CBT certificate will be issued. For people looking to continue on to gain a full motorcycle licence, their instructor will carry out an assessment and advise on how much further training may be required and the most appropriate course.

You will need to bring your photo card licence, or old paper licence and valid passport. You will also need to dress appropriately, i.e. strong jacket, long trousers (jeans etc.), sturdy footwear and bring glasses/contact lenses if you normally wear them as there will be a sight test.


Friendly, Professional Instructors


Use your own machine or a school bike


All Inclusive Price


Only £175 all inclusive!

At Bike Smart the price is all inclusive. We keep our pricing simple and up front, the price includes the use of all equipment that you’ll need, from protective clothing, helmets, gloves, Jackets to free tea and coffee! We also include fuel and insurance so you can be assured that there is no more money to be charged on the day, even if you have a slight mishap on the bike! Should any damage occur to our school bikes,it will only be charged at cost price.

Call us on 01444 441969 or book online

CBT Vouchers

Like to buy a voucher for a friend or relative to complete their CBT? You can buy a voucher online which can be used at any of our centres.

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